My name is Kai Hsu.

I am passionate about Asia America, business/entrepreneurship, art (especially writing), and social justice.  I am particularly interested in how these different topics can come together in unexpected (and often times much needed) ways.

Feel free to explore the site, and keep in mind it is still under construction.

Thank you!

WTS: Want to See

These are things I want to see exist in the world.  Lavar Ball made famous the phrase “I’m going to speak it into existence!”  I’m going to one up him.  I’m going to speak AND write it into existence.  This section is part hopes/dreams, part pragmatic ideas given for free, and maybe part whimsy.

Please let me know if:

An idea has already been executed!


You want to work with me to bring an idea into existence!

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Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is where my writing related lessons, experiments, practice prompts, writing exercises, and analysis of other people’s work, etc will be posted.  As it is a lab where experimentation happens, expect weird, incomplete, and in progress pieces.

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