Mantra “Stepping into Uncertainty”

A phrase that I’ve used as a mantra is “step into uncertainty.”

As creatives, as writers, as entrepreneurs, and even as people navigating everyday life, we are constantly navigating uncertainty.

My impression is many people think of creatives and entrepreneurs as people who throw their entire being into the unknown. I feel like we’re seen as throwing ourselves off a cliff as some kind of tribute to the creative and entrepreneurial gods. If we’re deemed “good enough” by these gods, we might be saved.

My reality has been quite different. I describe us as “stepping into uncertainty.” The relationship we have with uncertainty is one of curiosity, exploration, and incremental commitment.

We think and act probably more like a rover sent onto a far away planet or asteroid. We try to safely explore in small steps. We limit risks. We take time to analyze the situation. We take time to experiment (safely). And if the situation seems too dangerous, we turn tail and retreat. Better to wait for a safer day to step into uncertainty than one day of foolish bravado and machismo.


Don’t Forget to READ

I hear writers trying to get traction say they don’t have time to read because they spend all their time writing (and that pesky job).

I hear established writers talk about who and what they’re reading, and how it’s helping their work.

See the difference? The reading feeds the writing.

Creation Involves TRUST

As writers and creatives, we start pieces, we refine projects, we pour our love into our work and we don’t know how they will turn out.  But we have to start and we have to trust.

During the act of creation, on a piece by piece basis, we trust that somehow, a combination of our thoughts, imagination, and random inspiration may align in a beautiful, unique, and complete way.

On a macro basis, we trust that the things we work on will be a part of our creative journey that leads somewhere. Pieces we throw away, projects we abandon, poems we find had nothing behind it, they are all as much a part of our growth/development as the pieces we finish and want to show the world.

Creativity and creation are ultimately acts of trust.