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All headshots of me on this site were done by the wonderful Anna Min at Min Enterprises.

I give my strongest recommendation to Anna, both as the photographed subject, and as an attendee of events where Anna was the photographer.

As the person being photographed, the whole process was fun, smooth, and just delightful overall. Anna is encouraging, welcoming, open, friendly.

She was willing to experiment with different scenes, angles, backgrounds, and poses. If photos were not quite working, I never felt judged, or made to feel embarrassed. We might make some tweaks, but if it didn’t work, we would move on to another spot.


I have attended events where Anna was the photographer. She was non-intrusive and quiet. She was a “fly on the wall” so to speak.

Additionally, the events I’ve attended often had diverse crowds with a wide range of skin tones. She has fantastic experience and working knowledge of different types of lighting, angles of lighting, how that interplays with the camera’s many settings, and how to weigh all these variables to ensure a wide range of skin tones are beautifully captured.

I give Anna Min my highest recommendation!