WTS: Pizza Farm

(Stolen from my roommate)

I want to see a farm  that grows/raises all the ingredients for a pizza (wheat, tomatoes, basil, milk/cheese, etc.).  This Pizza Farm would have people come over, complete the harvesting, preparation, cooking, and most importantly, EATING.

This pizza could not get any fresher.  Forget “Farm to table”.  This would be “Vine to mouth”.

Fingers crossed that as urban agriculture and aquaponics becomes more and more mature, a food-entrepreneur makes this a reality!

Let me know if this already exists OR if you have an interest in urban-ag/aquaponics OR you want to start a pizza place.

UPDATE: Turns out from my other roommate that this actually exists!  See here. So I’m updating this to Pizza Urban Ag/Aquaponics store as something I WTS.