Want to See: Zumba, but with Kpop music and Kpop dance moves

Kpop has become a global phenomenon in the last several years.

In South Korea, and even in one instance in America, Kpop schools have opened to train youngsters hoping to make it big as an idol have opened up.

Even in America, Kpop has finally started to take off.

If Zumba can become a global fitness / music phenomenon, can’t Kpop accomplish something similar with a Kpop inspired fitness program?


Can Asians in the west finally become…(dare I say it?) cool?

Or would we become unwitting punchlines like Psy was only allowed to cross over with an over the top satire video?


Does anyone want to work with me on this? I can support by helping out with coming up with a business plan and maybe some branding.